Wednesday 17 July 2013

On the Easel

Just a quick post  of what I've been up too recently.

I'm currently in my studio where my cooling system is on overdrive as we are currently experiencing a hot summer, something very unusual in the UK! Hopefully I will be able to take advantage of this weather soon and get outdoors for a spot of painting, however in the meantime I have been working on my oil technique.

I have found some really nice oil primed linen boards from Jacksons. I ordered a job lot and have been producing small paintings, with various degrees of success, really just to let me figure out how I want to paint.

These are some of the little paintings I have taken to completion. 
The first painting is on an Ampersand Gesso Board but the others are on the linen. I've tried to vary my edges and not have too much detail as I want to have a bit more of a looser flowing feel in places. The boards are only small 7x5 inches.

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