Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Drawing Practice & paperwork!

First of all, I can't believe we are already into February, where did January go?! I realise that my last post was in December but I have been busy with a lot of things since then, honest!
The first task of 2011 was to take down my exhibition from the Dock Museum, plenty of lifting and packaging involved before loading the bus in lovely gale force winds and rain so I must say a big thank you to my little crew of helpers. I then had to get paintings out to those who had purchased and get all my paperwork from the exhibition in order.
Speaking of paperwork, the centre where I teach my weekly art lessons has just experienced the joys of an ofsted inspection and all the blooming paperwork involved! I also had to take a safeguarding course so January for me has been very little about being an artist but plenty of being an administrator!
Thank goodness February is allowing me to return to being an artist so I thought I would post one or two of the little things I have been doing in amongst all the paperwork!
I set myself a challenge at New Year of going to drawing practice each morning for 30 mins, well, I haven't always achieved it but it is helping with my speed and ability to produce freehand sketches. See below one page of  my sketchbook with 10 to 30 min studies and then 3 little wolf oil sketches in their preliminary stages. In the second, I've drawn freehand sketches and then put very loose lean oil over the top to get the basic shape and colour relationships which I will work over with fatter transparent and opaque oil.
Well, that's pretty much as far as I have got but looking forward to working them up soon!