Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wolf Head Drawing finally finished!

I can't believe I started this way back in July! I kept doing other things then coming back to it, which can be a useful approach as there is nothing worse than being so bored of something you lose any sense of creativity and it becomes a chore just finishing a piece.
This is the finished drawing although not a great photographic reproduction as it is a beggar trying to eliminate glare back!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've tried a few new techniques (for me) and have concentrated on varying my edges to try and get some movement into the piece. I've put edges in, taken them out with an eraser and smudged almost to the point of sanding down my finger ends!
I also got to the stage where I stopped looking at the reference photo I had of the wolf as I wanted to play around with shapes, values and more importantly the flow of the piece. I do think if you try and follow your reference too closely you can limit your creative side and to be honest it is much more fun to explore an image and try and get a 'feel' of the piece, however it has taken me many years to realise this!!

I'm quite happy with the finished picture but wish I could photograph it properly to show the subtleties, I will trust my photographer friend to try and get a proper copy before it goes into a frame!