Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wolf Head Drawing

I've almost finished teaching my art class commitments for this year so will be having the entire month of August free to work on my own projects. I've made a start on a new drawing, just trying a few new techniques, for me anyway! 
I'm lucky enough to be sponsored by Derwent pencils so am using one of my favourite Derwent pencils on this drawing which is the sketching pencil but I'm also using the Derwent Onyx Dark which gives me the required 'blackness' in certain areas. 
I'm enjoying working on this aside from the fact that I look like I have spent the day down a coal mine by the time I have finished!
I always find Graphite quite difficult to photograph because of the glare back but here is the drawing in it's present stage the best I can photograph it!

Hopefully off to spend this weekend painting in the Lakes, I have my brollie at the ready!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

NEWA- National Exhibition of Wildlife Art

I have had all three of my submitted paintings accepted for NEWA, which is one of the largest Wildlife Art Exhibitions in the UK.
The Exhibition previewed on Thursday night and the dates of the show for those of you interested are:

15th -31st July 2011
Gordale Garden Centre, Burton, Wirral

'The National Exhibition of Wildlife Art is an open annual exhibition based in the North of England.
NEWA was conceived in 1994 by a group of artists interested in depicting wildlife, with conservation as one of their underlying concerns. A donation from the exhibition is made each year to wildlife causes.
The aims of the exhibition are to promote and display outstanding examples of wildlife art from both professional and amateur artists.
The huge interest generated by the exhibition among wildlife artists proved that there was a pressing need for this kind of event.

The exhibition is staged at Gordale Garden Centre in a specially constructed gallery space which attracts a constant stream of visitors, over 15,000 to the 2009 show. The new website attracts an equal number of visitors and sells to buyers both in the UK and abroad.'

The paintings I submitted were the following:

Very pleased to say the 'Young Rabbit' affectionately known as 'Buggs' sold at the preview night, fingers crossed for the other two!