Wednesday, 6 February 2013

More Mural!

An update on my Mural for you. It is now finished so I now have time to post some pictures for you which were very kindly taken by Paul at TopMark whilst I was painting.

The following pictures give you a bit of an idea about my working set up. I think it always takes a couple of days just to get into a groove and set up a studio away from home, things start to move a little quicker once you are comfortable and have set up a routine.

Just because of the nature of the style I am working on, it means that I have to mix quite a lot of individual paint mixes. I keep the mixes wet by having plenty of cling film wrap to cover my little pots of paint, this also means that I can adapt a mix for a different area of the mural by making it warmer or adding more chroma etc, the trick is trying to keep some sort of order to work out which mix is from which area!

Below is the next stage of the mural, I'm pretty much filling in the big areas, lots of green, keeping it stylised but aware of the chroma. As you can see, my little paint roller is especially handy in the big areas!

More to come next week on the next stage.

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